Saturday, January 16, 2010

Visiting Teaching Conference......

We were all subpoened to court on Thurs., Jan. 14

We were all greeted and called to order by Marla and Terri,
our Relief Society President and Baliff
Look at those smiling faces and that sweet baby Nora!
Judge Sandy presided......
She did a GREAT job! She could have been a judge in her previous life,
Oh yeah, she was a judge in her previous life!
No wonder she was a natural!!

Marie was "Sister I Don't Matter"
Great job, Marie! You know you DO matter to all of us!
Lindsey was "Sister You Don't Care About Me"
We don't know of anyone like this!! We care about all of our sisters,
especially you, Lindsey!
These two characters are the guilty being prosecuted
Joann and Collette
"Sister's Slacker and Loafer

We got a nice pep talk from the Bishop about the importance of
What a fun group of ladies!!
We love you all

We saved the best for last
A special musical number
"I Can't Go Today"
Thanks to Kay for getting the famous
"Visiting Teaching Chorus"

Kendra, Connie, Karen, Farleigh, Jan, Susan, Jeannie, Andrea, Collette and Jill
You ladies are amazing and most entertaining!!
And who else?
Always behind the scenes.....Kay!

I Can't Go Today
Sung to the tune of Que Sera, Sera

It is the first day of the month
I ask my partner, "When shall we go?
I'll do the lesson, you make the calls,"
She tells me, "I don't know."

I can't go today
I'm watching my grandkids, now
Things always come up, somehow
I am sad to say, I can't go today.

But when the next month came around
We vowed together, we wouldn't miss.
Then on the last day, my cell phone rang,
I got a call like this:

I can't go today,
My laundry's piled up on me.
I've nothing to wear, you see,
Breaks my heart to say, I can't go today.

Somehow a month or two went by
We've done no visits, not even called.
I called my partner, sent her a text
When she called back, she bawled.

I can't go today,
I've got all the cub scouts here
They've trashed my whole house, I fear
They won't go away,
I can't go today.

I baked some Christmas cookies, then
I called my partner, "Let's drop by quick."
O saw them Sunday, asked how there were that
ought to do the trick!"

I can't go today,
I must have the flu, you see
I think I'm contagious, gee
There is just no way, I can go today.

Now it's a new year and we feel
Our sisters need us, let's how we care
No more excuses, starting today-
We'll be the perfect pair!

We will go today!
I think we can have some fun
Once we get our teaching done
And our sisters say,
"Glad the came today!"


  1. This was such a fun night. Thanks for all of your hard work!!!

  2. i'm so excited to be in this ward. you guys are so stinking fun, cute, & awesome.